The Oaf has a face lift


Wanna peek inside our fresh RV Remodel? I’d love to hear your
comments below.   I want to extend a special thanks to Eco
Friendly Flooring
for sponsoring our trip with the sweet CORK

We will let you know how our floor wears.  The install was
decent and the look and feel are fantastic.

Making a Table

I did it.

I fought off the perfection monster and made a table.

The Upshots:

  2. It is custom made with my own hands to fit- no blood, no tears, not even sweat – just good clean fun.
  3. I got to use my creative and innovative prowess
  4. It took only about 3 hours
  5. It matches the decor of the Oaf (our 5th wheel)
  6. It looks decent
  7. Durable (I hope)

The Underbelly (not so pretty side) of my Table

  1. It is in no way perfect… it has seams, some lumps and bumps
  2. Not very “green”

In case you would like to make your own table here is the pathway to entablement…. :-)

Supplies you will need:

  1. a scrap (or new) piece of plywood – finish grade (mine is 2.5 x 3.5 feet)
  2. Self adhesive laminate floor tiles ($.99 each at home depot)  I used 11
  3. Self adhesive edging tape
  4. Table pedestal hardware
  • pole
  • 2 mounts – one for floor and one for table

Tools you will need

  1. Saw to cut plywood -table saw or a hand saw will work
  2. Jigsaw if you want a round table or rounded corners
  3. a mat knife to cut the laminate
  4. a small hand sander to smooth your edges, or just plain old sandpaper
  5. An iron


Step 1.  Figure out how tall your table needs to be and buy the right size pole.  If you need to cut the pole down to size or add a block on the bottom of your table to increase pole height you can.   Mount your hardware into the floor.  Set your pole up and play with sitting your rough cut table top on it.  Where do you want it?  How far out from the wall?  Are you going to store it or leave it up?

Cut your table top (plywood) exactly how you want it.  I wanted rounded corners and so I used a huge trashcan lid as my rounded corner guide.  I eyeballed it.  My corners are rounded somewhat differently and traced with a pencil.  Then for the first time in my life – I used a power tool.  I cut the rounded corners with a jigsaw and then smoothed them with a hand sander.  Bumpity, Lumpity, Bump. :-)

Laminate!  I peeeeeleed the backing from the laminate $.99 FLOOR TILES (cream to match the kitchen counters) and stuck them on.  One by one I sealed them as closely as possible to each other.  I recommend smashing your seams together as tightly as possible because they migrate when you go to trim them  leaving unsightly little gaps.  ick.  That glue is STICKY!  So watch out, once you seal it – it is a done deal.  Cut off the excess laminate with a mat knife while applying slight inward and upward pressure to keep your seams tight.  Sand your edges again.

Heat up your iron and get ready to apply your finished edge.  This self adhesive edging is cool stuff.  You just hold it on while running the hot iron over it and presto.  Be sure to leave a little excess up over the top or finished edge so that you can sand it down to be perfectly level with the table top when you are done.  Follow the instructions on the package for best results.  When you are sanding the edge down be sure to sand into the table so that you don’t pull it loose.

Mount your table hardware on the bottom of your top and POOF!  You have a table!  Good work.

GrandOaf – the Gray

I am preparing to take my life out on the

road and milk it.  Ready to sink my teeth into love, adventure,

joy, experience, and learning.  I am thrilled by the thought of a

rolling nest for my children.  I am thrilled to re-invent

marriage with the man I vowed to love.  In this moment I am

struck by the magnitude of that commitment and the degree to

which we have failed each other in our promises.  Finally, I am ready

to step outside of my fear and grab life by the balls with a big

smile on my face.

Like packing for a trip it is essential to get clear on the

fundamentals:   I am boiling it down.  Simplifying.  There are 6

areas that I will attend to:

1.  Our nurturing, sacred, cozy, rolling HOME.

2.  wild, organic, local, fermented, unprocessed, FOOD

3. unschooling, experiential, freewheeling, EDUCATION

4. B.U.G.S. going national / international with Chester’s Consulting BUSINESS

5.  PLAY

6.  SEX, yes I said sex.  We all know it is important to a healthy marriage.

But, let’s look at the home first and save sex for later… once we get to

know each other a little better 😉

Our new home is…  PERFECT.  It is a 1985 (vintage) 31 fifth

wheel travel trailer.  The moment I saw it on the lot I knew it

was the one.  WHY?  Because it was old and ugly   It stood out

like a sore thumb against the towering, shiny new models around

it.   You know whats so good about it?   Character.  It also has

an ice-maker and counter top blender.

Here are the some before pictures

The Living Room

The Master Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Bathroom.

Daughter Addy named it “The Oaf” The neighbor said it looked like Gandolf the Grey

so we might go with “GrandOaf the Gray.”